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The Bodeans / Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
WB/Slash Records 25493 (1986)(US) Standard issue Record. When the BoDeans appeared in 1986 with their debut album, "Love & Hope
& Sex & Dreams", they immediately were filed under "roots rock" because of the Western twang in their guitars, their bouncy beat,
and their simple, neo-rockabilly approach to songwriting. The Record and Cover are in great (Mint-) condition...$6.00

The Bodeans / Outside Looking In (Promo)
WB/Slash Records 25629 (1987)(US) Promotional issue Record. Having established themselves with their debut album "BoDeans", the band
looked to move on to the next level in commercial and artistic terms on their next release, bringing in producer Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads).
The Record and Cover are in great (Very Good++) condition (Promo stamp on front cover)...$6.00

The Bodeans / Dreams (12")(Promo)
WB/Slash Records PRO-A-2950 (1987)(US) Promotional issue 12" Record. The title track "Dreams" is from their album "Outside Looking In".
The Record and Cover are in excellent (Mint-) condition...$6.00

The Bodeans / Home
WB/Slash Records 25876 (1989)(US) Standard issue Record. Things had changed for the band over three albums: initially, they sounded so
style-bound that you wondered if any growth was possible, but with this album they were charging off in half a dozen directions at once.
The Record and Cover (in shrinkwrap) are in excellent (Mint-) condition (small promo cut on top left)...$6.00


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