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Santana / Santana (Sold Out)
Columbia Records PC-9781 (1969RE)(US) Standard 1980's reissue Record. Santana recorded its self-titled debut album and began to tour
nationally, making an important stop at the Woodstock festival on August 15, 1969. "Santana" was released the same month going on to
remain in the charts for over two years, sell over two million copies, and spawn the hit singles "Jingo" and "Evil Ways."
The Record and Cover are in great (Very Good++) condition...$10.00 (SOLD 11/15)

carlos Santana lp
carlos Santana Abraxas lp
Santana / Abraxas (Sold Out)
Columbia Records PC-30130 (1970RE)(US) Standard 1980's reissue Record. The band's second album "Abraxas" was released in September
of 1970 and was even more successful than its first. It hit number one, remained in the charts for nearly two years and eventually
selling over four million copies (includes the hits "Black Magic Woman" and "Oye Como Va."
The Record and Gatefold Cover are in excellent (Mint-) condition...$10.00 (SOLD 03/15)

Santana / Viva Santana! (Sold Out)
Columbia Records C3X-44344 (1988)(US) Promotional issue (3) Record set. "Viva Santana!" is a great 30-track retrospect of Santana's
first 20 years of recording. It concentrates on their better years of the late '60s and early '70s when Carlos Santana and his
supporting musicians were on fire. Also includes several unreleased cuts and live tracks.
The Records and Gatefold Cover are in excellent (Mint-) condition (full-color booklet included)...$25.00 (SOLD 06/16)

carlos Santana Viva Santana Promo lp

Carlos Santana / Havana Moon
Columbia Records FC-38642 (1983)(US) Standard issue Record. "Havana Moon" is a nice effort (with a turn toward 1950s rock & roll
and Tex-Mex), and it's one of Santana's most enjoyable albums (it was also the best-selling Santana album outside the group releases
in ten years. The album features an eclectic mix of musicians, including Booker T. Jones, Willie Nelson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.
The Record and Cover are in great (Very Good++) condition...$10.00

Carlos Santana Havana Moon lp
Carlos Santana Blues For Salvador lp
Carlos Santana / Blues For Salvador
Columbia Records PC-30130 (1987)(US) Standard issue Record. On his fourth solo album, Carlos Santana creates a fine line between a "solo"
and a "group" project (this record is actually a catch-all of Santana band outtakes and stray tracks (The title track "Blues for Salvador"
won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance). The Record and Cover (in shrinkwrap) are in excellent (Mint-) condition...$15.00


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