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XTC / The XTC Interview with Andy Partridge
(With music from the Geffen LP "Skylarking")
Geffen Records WBMS-146 (1989)(US) Promotional Interview Record on U.S. vinyl. "Skylarking" had little to do with new wave and everything
to do with the lush, post-psychedelic pop of the Beatles and Beach Boys. XTC expand their signature sound by enhancing their intelligently
melodic pop with graceful, lyrical arrangements and sweeping, detailed instrumentation.
The Record and Cover (with info insert) are in excellent (Mint-) condition...$30.00

XTC Skylarking Interview with Andy Partridge lp

XTC Oranges and Lemons lp Andy Partridge
XTC / Oranges & Lemons (Promo)
Geffen Records GHS-24218 (1989)(US) Original Double Record on U.S. vinyl. Instead of revelling in the form of psychedelic pop,
as they did with their celebrated Dukes of Stratosphear side project, XTC bring the genre's sensibility to the mature pop of "Skylarking",
spiking it with a wry sense of humor missing from its predecessor. It's sonically rich and filled with immaculately crafted songs.
The Records and Cover (with title sticker and promo stamp) are in excellent (Mint-) condition (includes promo advertisement sheet)...$40.00

(XTC) The Dukes of Stratosphear / 25 O'Clock (Import)
Virgin Records WOW-1 (1985)(UK) Original Import Record EP on U.K. vinyl. In 1985, the British pop band XTC recorded an EP of affectionate
parodies of '60s psychedelia and guitar-pop called "25 O'Clock". Instead of releasing the EP under their own name, they released the record
under the name "The Dukes of Stratosphear". The Record and Cover are in great (Very Good++) condition...$30.00

XTC The Dukes of Stratosphear 25 O'Clock Import lp Andy Partridge
XTC The Dukes of Stratosphear Psonic Psunspot Promo lp Andy Partridge
(XTC) The Dukes of Stratosphear / Psonic Psunspot (Promo)
Geffen Records GHS-24169 (1987)(US) Promotional Record on U.S. vinyl. "Psonic Psunspot", XTC's second album as their psychedelic alter
egos "The Dukes of Stratosphear", sounds a bit more like an XTC record than their previous experiment in the psych void, "25 O'Clock".
The Record and Cover (with promo stamp on front) are in great (Very Good++ to Mint-) condition...$30.00


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